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I tend to agree with him and his advice nine times out of ten. Read More › Oh Internets, must you be always be so terrible?I mean yes you do provide endless hours of entertainment with things like White House petitions to stop Ben Affleck from being Batman but for each single gem that makes me smile… Virginia was the Supreme Court case that invalidated laws concerning the criminality of inter-racial marriages. And yes that is in fact a picture from my wedding day….

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There is little support—or even understanding—of what a single adult ministry is about.Our main goal is to help you to find the perfect Russian girl just for you!We collect the best girls from many Slavic countries, but our attention is focused on Russian personals.Some people are there legitimately trying to meet new people and trying to find love, while others are just looking for a good time, hence the need to take things slow and take precautions.But to say they are completely unsafe is an overstatement.We’re going to try something new here on The Non Blogosphere.

I’ m something of a fan of advice columnist Dan Savage.

But what happens once someone gets healthy and whole and starts to serve?

Are you saying they must leave the singles ministry then?

SEE ALSO: How Involved Should Your Church be in Your Relationship? You want your single adult miistry to be focused on drawing people to God and your attendees to get healthy and whole.

You want to see singles who seek ways to serve others. I want all of those things not only for singles but for everyone.

Why isn’t the church not only leading us in this area but offering singles ministries to draw us in, Bible studies to educate us in our relationships, counseling for those hurting, and healing programs such as divorce and grief recovery?