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With an intimidating boss

So I'd give this an 5/10, doesn't stand out in any way, inoffensive, fresh well, generic... This is to go to cologne only Tommy Hilfiger Tommy is better in my opinion but when but I have been using Hugo since 1995 and is better than many other overpriced stuff around. Overall feeling of the scent is fresh, clean, green, bitter, aromatic and cold breeze kind of like smell which is nice but also it does smell very familiar and generic!

with an intimidating boss-62

Then a employee showed me this fragrance and i was impressed. But now when my nose was not affected by other fragrances i am not at all satisfied with the scent. Now i can't tell what amazed me about this fragrance the first time... Its a very clean fresh and very manely and mature scent. I recommend it for all seasons this is a safe scent. Very clean and fresh, above average performance especially for this group of fragrance. Primarily a spring / summer scent but Can be worn any season due to its good performance.I don't know if there is incense in this fragrance or it's synthetic cedar (Iso E Super) note that creates this bitter woody and kind of smoky vibe but it's there and I can feel it. Projection is above average and good and longevity is around 4-6 hours depends on your skin and the season that you're wearing it.این عطر یه کار خوشبو و عامه پسند هست که تقریبا میشه اونو همیشه و در تمام فصول و در تمام مناسبتها استفاده کرد اما به نظرم بیشتر بدرد استفاده دم دستی و کژوال تو بهار و تابستون میخوره رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با یه بوی خنک و شاداب با حس سبز شروع میشه که رایحه مشخصی از گلها هم اونو همراهی میکنه.The sillage and longevity on Hugo is decent and this one definitely gets compliments, I remember the lady at the fragrance store advised this one to me!Another high quality release from Hugo Boss, and one that I don't see talked about too often.This fragrance also performs like a champ, lasting 8-10 hours regularly on my skin. After more than two decades, probably still one of my favorite freshies next to Tom Fords Amalfi Mandarin and Le Labo Bergamote which however cost nearly ten times as much. The opening is wonderful, in the top I can smell most of the notes, but the apple-lavender-mint combination is the dominant. You won't feel like an urban 90s douchebag kid with fugly sunglasses wearing this.

Its just a positive scent, fresh and light spring air a very natural and silky scent of mint and lavender. The first 10-15 minutes are great, but after the scent going to bit unpleasent. So this was my signature fragrance back in the 90's. I just recently revisited it, and now it's horrible, horrible. You'll feel like a lumbersexual man with a well-groomed beard cutting wood by the cabin.

Nothing I'd go out and buy now but it's a nice fresh scent that doesn't have anything really special about it, just smells nice, good for a casual wearer. i alway thought it had a kinda burnt rag smell to smell the apple but i can the graperuit and the rest of the flowers i've yet to learn how to differentiate or identify really.i dont wear this much any i thought ralph lauren made hugo. This was a blind buy at something like $20 for 30 m L. The lavender note in this fragrance is much more toward it's floral nature and it has an airy floral and soft clean/soapy vibe.

Most people are not like us here at fragrantica with 30 ( ) bottles of fragrances, multiple for every occasion and mood :) And I would rather smell this on someone than some AXE deo or something like that.. scent : 10/10 sillage : 7/10 longevity :7/10 90% day / 10% night fragrance nice mint and apple scent one of my old fragrances, a masterpiece by boss, one of my best scent on the summer, the apple was obvious (who hate green apples ) Haters gonna hate but Hugo Boss Hugo is greatest summer male fragrance of all times. On chest and 1back of neck and it would be enough for 16 hours. mint also gives this fresh start a green feel and with help of some citruses, increases the freshness of the scent.

Hugo by Hugo Boss is a staple in my vast fragrance collection. The soft scarf around your neck feels nice as it moves with the wind.

This is the perfect Swiss Army fragrance it just works for any and all settings. Hugo won't blow anyone away but it will be well received by all who smell this on you. I have NO idea, and I still don't, but I've stopped caring. A friend calls out your name and you go to join them at a nearby bench. Think: Smooth, Green, Elegant, Smart, Casual Overall: 7/10 - Longevity like a Bawss.

1 month later, I absolutely hate this scent - so synthetic, so cheap, gives me a headache everytime. I assume this is a result of it being the reformulation so I'd be willing to give the original another go i bought it 3 years ago, not really wearing it, i don't know what to do with 200ml, mostly i wear it for work and casual,not the best flanker by Boss, i bought it via online and it was selling in very lovely price if someone asking me about it, so i say it was good for new perfume lover/beginner fragrance lover and not for people like me was having hundred bottles in collection(i don't mean I'm arrogant), by the way, this fragrance is reminding me Bel Respiro by Chanel Le Exclusif (without leather note) This summer is my favorite !!! It has a classic line of the 90s but still has a more lovelier and wearable fragrance. I might wear it one more time and then put it up for swap, but to me this is one of those scents that I don't dislike, but I know I'd rather wear something else instead. It's an in your face spicy slap with a smell that's very generic.