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Who is kerry hilson dating

The couple must have dated, involved in the love relations before being married.There is not much news or articles available on Keri’s marriage with Samuel instead the date.

He has got a good physique and attractive personality which can be said by the picture uploaded by his star wife. The only way he is popular in front of public is because of his wife.Samuel Soba must be talented in his field of work and good looking person so as to win the heart of popular diva of the time, Keri Hilson and got ended up in marriage.Looking at the available pictures of Keri with her husband Samuel, which are very few counting 2/3 pictures in number; Samuel has got a very good height, physique and attractive personality. Since Keri has kept her personal life out of the spot from media and papparazees, it is very difficult to track the information about Samuel Soba. The study on him and the papparazees are trying hard to collect much of the information on him and let the public know.She is a Christian by religion and belongs to black ethnicity.A model by profession, she has given up her career and currently worked as a designer.Keri before meeting Samuel, was believed dating a guy with whom she had a child; a son named Jayden.

It is still not known whom she was dating and who the father of the child is.

She is also considered to be hot and has got a sexy curvaceous body, with measurements 34-28-36 inches (Breast- Waist- Hip).

Although much is not known about her personal life, she is currently dating Keri Hilson.

As the couple are married so he must be their son, but there is not a exact information whether he is the son from Samuel or someone else.

He is said to be the second child whose details are not disclosed yet.

Looking to her popularity and dating history, it will not be void that they are no longer together but until we have confirmed information, it will be just the fault to say so. Now since, Jayden is the second son, who is the first child of Keri Hilson or Samuel Soba?