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BEST TITLE (all-time) – Fir Crazy – Snow Bride – Christmas With a Capital C – Finding John Christmas – Christmas Twister Lot of worthy films here but I have to pick All About Christmas Eve because it works on several levels, although some of them perhaps odd and inappropriate.

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Claus and Meet the Santas – Shannon Elizabeth actually does her own singing (or so I assume) in Catch a Christmas Star Yes, it’s true.Snow Globe Christmas was a bigger disappointment and I still don’t believe that Santa Switch was a totally planned event but WW loses because it fails on all counts, other than its catchy title.I didn’t like anybody, nobody even cared about Christmas, and most importantly, for a movie completely centered around two people trying to out-do each other with department store window displays, said department store window displays were terrible, which kind of turns their catchy title against them.I call it the Noggies and while maybe not as prestigious as the Oscars or Golden Globes, at least it sure beats the hell out of the Latin Grammies.So hope you are appropriately dressed up and got the office pool all organized because the 1st Annual Noggy Awards show is about to officially kick off!But one of their holiday traditions was playing football in the park against another group of people (who didn’t seem related, like another family or something) they didn’t even like or seem to know. BEST USE OF TROPES (2013) Again, why even give anybody false hope here?

And then other townsfolk came to watch this pointless, podunk game. While every one of these movies follow a pretty obvious list of repeated conventions, 12 Trees of Christmas seemed to cram the most in.

Even if technically, by the letter of the law, the word could apply in certain cases, I still don’t want Anne Hathaway to tell me how courageous Hugh Jackman is for doing a job that most of us regular folk dream of.

I actually don’t want to hear Anne Hathaway tell me anything, come to think.

Like Casper van Dien growling like Batman for no apparent reason (also like that Batman).

That should be in just about every one of these films. Anything other than Casper van Dien’s vocal chords, that is.

Once again, I want to vote for my wife here too because she’s just so great but that’s not really fair to all the other people who were actually in these movies. I had her pegged for a less talented, less attractive version of her sister but just like so many of the people in movies, Christmas has taught me a little lesson about life.