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Validating asp net server controls

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The following is the procedure to do Token Based Authentication using ASP. NET Web Application" and add a core reference of the Web API and set the authentication to “No Authentication”. Following are the setup options: An Authorization Server uses a default implementation of IOAuth Authorization Server Provider to communicate with a web application while processing the request.

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This attribute simply holds the Regular Expression which should be used to validate the field.If you don't feel like learning Regular Expressions, but still feel like using this validator, have a look around the Internet.You can find many pre-made expressions out there, which can be very useful to you.Create the following Token class within the console application.Using the following script, insert some dummy data into the Asp Net User table.Grant Resource Owner Credentials It is called when the request to the token endpoint arrives with a "grant_type" of "password".

This occurs when the user provides a user id and password directly to the client application using the client application user interface.

Since Regular Expressions are beyond the scope of this tutorial, I won't try to explain it, other than it simply tells the validator that a value of 4 digitgs is acceptable, and nothing else.

You can use the Regular Expression Validator for almost everything, for instance validating an e-mail or an URL.

If the client credential is invalid, we need to return an unauthorized request using the context. If we grant the request in the Validate Client Authentication method, the request will arrive at the Grant Resource Owner Credentials method.

Inside this method, we need to validate that the user is using resource-owner credentials. To test the preceding approach I created a console project in my solution.

The Regular Expression Validator is a bit more difficult to write about, because it requires knowledge of Regular Expressions to really use it.