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“Now you can touch yourself, and he’ll train you for that.” (Those might pair well with your Morning Meditations, which are back to “relax you throughout your day.”) Want to get a whiff of something more… “Cinco has amazing new products for flatulence — hugely innovative products,” hints Wareheim.

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By the time the series reached their final, most sinister “Season Cinco,” it felt like the sketch show had fully crossed over into the Lynchian dark realm that it was so often flirting with.This year, the team pulled off a 10-year anniversary tour to commemorate the occasion.As a testament to the intense fandom that Tim and Eric have cultivated for over a decade, this special actually aired at their anniversary tour. So, what was it like for the duo to dust off their iconic franchise, wheel out of the garage and take it for a spin again? “We put on our spandex pants and they were a little more snug than they were 10 years ago, but we had the juice to keep those dance moves going,” Wareheim tells EW. We wanted to give this present back to our fans for supporting us and allowing us to do all these other shows.Last week, EW brought you the first clip from the special, and it involved a catchy tune about tiny Lamborghinis by the Ghini Guys.In cooperation with the audience, it remained under wraps.

But now it is finally time to rejoice, as this loving, disturbing tribute to Tim and Eric’s enduring friendship and comedy is ready to be unleashed on all the Chippys and pep-peps out there!

The whole thing could have been treated like a giant joke in itself.

However, the duo goes down a remarkably safe direction, but it is incredibly gratifying to the audience.

The episode’s plot banks on the simple, dependable premise of Tim and Eric being in a friendly competition with each other that puts their bond to the test.

It’s the bare bones storyline that Awesome Show’s greatest episodes have banked on (“Dads,” “Rascals,” “Origins,” “Tennis”), while also underlining the show’s strong theme of friendship.

Even the show’s jovial theme song can’t play without footage of strangers screaming in agony interrupting the broadcast and infecting the narrative.