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e Harmony is another large dating site, also around 20 million users, and focuses on people who are interested in marital relationships.

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This means that the performance of the Nvidia card would be abysmal, but still you would get a nice desktop and browser to Google around for answers on how to fix it :). Let’s assume you have a freshly installed Fedora 25 system with a recent Nvidia GPU and you want to: . ============================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repository Size ============================================================================================ Installing: dkms-nvidia x86_64 $ sudo dnf install nvidia-settings kernel-devel dkms-nvidia vulkan.i686 nvidia-driver-libs.i686 Last metadata expiration check: ago on Mon Oct 24 2016. ============================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repository Size ============================================================================================ Installing: dkms-nvidia x86_64 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 6.4 M libglvnd i686 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 103 k libglvnd x86_64 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 105 k libglvnd-gles i686 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 29 k libglvnd-gles x86_64 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 28 k libglvnd-glx i686 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 114 k libglvnd-glx x86_64 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 110 k libglvnd-opengl i686 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 39 k libglvnd-opengl x86_64 1:0.2.999-3.20161017gita813b56.fc25 fedora-nvidia 38 k libva-vdpau-driver x86_64 0.7.4-14.fc24 fedora 61 k libvdpau i686 1.1.1-3.fc24 fedora 35 k nvidia-driver x86_64 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 3.1 M nvidia-driver-NVML x86_64 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 397 k nvidia-driver-libs i686 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 15 M nvidia-driver-libs x86_64 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 14 M nvidia-lib XNVCtrl x86_64 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 26 k nvidia-settings x86_64 5.10-1.fc25 fedora-nvidia 935 k vulkan i686 fedora 1.5 M vulkan x86_64 fedora 1.4 M vulkan-filesystem noarch fedora 8.0 k Transaction Summary ============================================================================================ Install 20 Packages Total download size: 43 M Installed size: 184 M Is this ok [y/N]: enabled kernel module and libraries for running 32 bit applications.

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My SQL Connector/ODBC provides both driver-manager based and native interfaces to the My SQL database, which full support for My SQL functionality, including stored procedures, transactions and, with Connector/ODBC 5.1, full Unicode compliance. See Chapter 27, Connectors, or Chapter 26, APIs and Libraries, for more information.

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