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A few years ago they started getting popular again, wish I would have kept mine. I received one for Christmas in 1976 from my parents.I wear it once or twice a winter when I need to run the snowblower. i have a parka coat fetish iv got a brown parka with orange lining i shag it every day and iv got a blue parka with orange lining i wear it for bed if any body wants to see them im on yahoo messenger on web cam [email protected] a green snorkel with orange forever..i then got a blue down parka..snorkel parka hung in the coat closet until my mom cleaned out the closet and didnt think my snorkel parka was wearable for a clothing drive so it got burnt in our burn barrel when my mom burned the trash....i really didnt care then, but now i really wish i had that parka back, but i know that it is gone forever...i am sure though i can get a replacement, but they are expensive.

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Love the soft fur hood feel and the shiny nylon look. Just watched one of the girls in the flat next door throw a pile of clothes into the bins at the back.I feel in a world of my own and it is a real turn on for me.. I keep my nice new black N3B for best it has a lovely thick furry hood.I have adjusted the waist draw strings so that my parka hugs my waist. I had to re-sew the buttons on with some strong thread though, apart from that no problems.My old blue parka is my favorite and I have some rubber trousers for when it rains. I love the cold weather though when I can put the hood up in full snorkel. I love been fully zipped up and all my buttons done up on my parka.Drefur I understand the excitement of buying a new parka If the weather is warm I put my hood up and then Flip it back quickly so the hoods inner mouton Fur is exposed (inside out) and resting Around my head and shoulders. Not everyone's way of wearing the parka it seems but it does it for me.I used to wear them as a kid in the 80s, and always liked them. My friend Mandy loved been fully zipped into hers but I could never do with the smell of the fur; especially when it got wet! ) and pretend that I'm on a mission in the Arctic or that my snorkel-hood is a space-helmet and I'm an astronaut!!! I have just discovered this site and decided to let it be known that I love Snorkel Parkas!

I have a number of them and I especially love wearing them back to front.

Now that particular pronoun doesn't land light and I wholly sympathise with your feelings.

I would ask just one thing though: Don't put ejeculate on your Parkas - They don't like it. I have 3 N-3B styles, 3 N-2B's and an Alpha hooded MA-1 as well as a couple of proper old school snorkels. I am however busy wearing them everyday, had my Jon Jo green one on for xmas day.

It looked cool with grey staypressed and a grandad shirt I have a collection of 1980's snorkel parka's.

I now own 1 of every colour made, all with orange lining. I had a red-wine one at school in the 80's and was made to wear it fully zipped up - which I hated! I LOVE to wear my parka around the house (when my boyfriend isn't around as he hates them!

Feeling excited now :)I have always loved snorkel parkas and have a strong fetish for them, I have 20 in total.