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In the course of time many of their plans and predictions were to be realised. Skinner a learning psychologist of Harvard and Gordon Pask, a pioneer of the teaching machine who explains how putting man and machine together to learn from each other is a valuable way to find out how we learn.At a time when the use of teaching machines is fast expanding, Horizon looks at the principles behind them and enquires into their success. A profile of one of the world's most important research and development centres.

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Such comparisons are giving new insight into the causes of mental illness.Discussion involving Wilson, Filipino artist and writer David Medalla, Dr.Alex Comfort author, poet, and zoologist and Professor Abdus Salam nuclear physicist, who today publishes a new theory which some scientists believe may be 'the final key to unlocking the door that conceals the properties of space and time'."The Great Computer Scandal: A report on the state of big research computers.Thirty years ago, such a conception was extremely novel.And it was then that some young scientists formed themselves into groups with strange names-to consider the future of science in all its aspects.Is the widespread use of highly persistent pesticides raising a new kind of ecological problem for our own and future generations to solve?

Do we yet know enough to assess the risks we are taking? Frank Fraser Darling Vice-President of the Conservation Foundation, Dr.

The first lecture was given by Michael Faraday 1791-1867 Fullerian Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution, London.

The second lecture is given by George Porter born 1920 Professor of Chemistry, Sheffield University Horizon interviews physicists on their theories of the structure of matter. Medawar, and some of the 550 men and women who breathe the air of science.

Every day, on average, another 431 British women start taking the contraceptive pill.

The manufacturers insist that it is the most carefully tested drug on the market today.

If it slows down, which countries will suffer most? Has science become so expensive and complex today that the amateur can no longer participate?