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He also said he saw the dead body of the American ambassador ‘His boss is someone he cared about enormously.

Hammond was airlifted to hospital over the weekend after losing control of a Rimac Concept One electric car while taking part in the famous Hemberg time trial during filming for the show. He wasn't going to be a pretty sight, that's for sure."Our security man is made of sterner stuff and set off down the hill like a racing goat. He winked at me.'""I'd like to thank all of the medical professionals who got me by air ambulance from the crash to the hospital and dealt with me ever since," he said."I want to say thank you as well to James May, who smuggled a bottle of gin in for me last night, and most importantly, sorry to my wife, Mindy, and my daughters Izzy and Willow."In his update, Clarkson also added that he didn't know what had gone wrong in the crash, saying that Hammond had been driving the car for four days by that point and had done several runs on the hill climb before the crash too."For all the rest, all the details, and who knows, another book, well I'll leave that up to Hammond when the lucky sod feels up to it," he concluded.Logan said that they were aware of the discrepancy between the version of events that he was telling CBS and the Blue Mountain Group report, saying that before they aired the piece he told them that he lied in the company’s report to go along with his boss’ story which said that Davies tried going to the mission but there were roadblocks and he couldn’t make it.Lies: Davies told 60 Minutes that he scaled a 12-foot wall to get into the compound and then fought a terrorist to the ground once he got inside.His experience has undoubtedly inspired some of his most hilarious onscreen alter-egos, including Dan in Channel 4’s Man Down, a teacher who hates his job.In 2005, Greg first dipped his toe into the world of acting by featuring in a series of adverts for Channel 4’s coverage of The Ashes.So that was always part of the record for us,’ Logan said.

She made it clear that what they did not know was that Davies had given that account to the FBI in their incident report.

His involvement with the FBI report came via The Washington Post after the 60 Minutes piece aired, and Logan said that when they confronted him over the claims, he denied it.

Placing the blame: While she repeatedly said 60 Minutes was taking responsibility, she said that they were 'misled' by Davies who did not tell them that he gave a different version of events to the FBIIt had already been on sale online and an unknown number of people had already bought the book.

TV personality Greg was born in Denbighshire, Wales, but he grew up in Wem, Shropshire.

The 48-year-old studied English and drama at Brunel University, before embarking on a 13 year teaching career at two schools in Berkshire and Orleans Park School in Twickenham.

After performing a string of stand-up comedy shows, he was nominated in three categories at the Chortle Awards three years later.