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Item Update supports an undo feature for all actions except bitstream deletion. However, unlike Item Import, there is no resume feature for incomplete processing.There is more extensive logging with a summary statement at the end with counts of successful and unsuccessful items processed.

As with Item Importer, the idea behind the DSpace's simple archive format is to create an archive directory with a subdirectory per item.This file lists the bitstreams to be deleted, one bitstream ID per line.Currently, no other identifiers for bitstreams are usable for this function.The user is referred to the previous section DSpace Simple Archive Format.Additionally, the use of a delete_contents is now available.No provenance statements are written for thumbnails or text derivative bitstreams, in keeping with the practice of Media Filter Manager.

object will be used for both the updating and updated events, and that instance won't be reused in the context of a separate update.

In this case, the Prevents any changes to the provenance field to represent changes in the bitstream content resulting from an Add or Delete.

In other words, when this flag is specified, no new provenance information is added to the DSpace Item when adding/deleting a bitstream.

For bitstreams, 'add' and 'delete' are similarly available.

All these actions can be combined in a single batch run.

This file is an addition to the Archive format specifically for Item Update.