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Is rob and kristen dating

Kardashian continues to struggle with his health, particularly with depression and weight gain, according to the source.Rob does sometimes socialize with family members, but according to a new report, Kardashian hopes that the family doesn’t push him to lose weight.

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But Rob will need to change his diet and exercise to succeed with his weight-loss goals.An insider told After Rob and Chyna split, he reportedly gained more weight and became even more isolated.The insider said that Kardashian has been struggling and neglecting his health. Jake Johnson: I can put a gun on you and make you guys watch us have sex! Kathryn Hahn: I would love to see someone else having sex! [Door Creaks Open] Kathryn Hahn: [Gasping] Jake Johnson: Go, go, go go!

Lizzy Caplan: Why do these girls always get on their knees?

In addition to Rob’s weight problems, he reportedly is struggling with diabetes.

An insider told the magazine that Kim stepped up to push Rob to turn his life around by improving his health.

When Kardashian first suggested a hypnosis weight-loss intervention, Rob was hesitant, said the insider.

However, when Kardashian made her brother aware of how much his weight was putting his health at risk, he agreed.

“It’s like he’s got a death wish,” added the insider.