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Guidebook to dating waiting and choosing a mate

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The point of this story in its context is to show Israel the importance of maintaining their purity as God’s people when they entered Canaan.

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If you’re already married, please don’t decide that you made a mistake in discerning God’s will in your marriage and decide to try again!For Abraham’s servant, it meant a 500-mile journey across difficult terrain.It involved a lot of planning, expense, and hassle. Surely there are some nice girls somewhere in Canaan!The overall principle of our text is that God will guide us when we walk with Him and are committed to His purpose.Under that overall theme, I want to give five principles on how to know God’s guidance.But she also was charmed by a very eligible bachelor who owned and operated a cattle ranch and lived in a log cabin. The next day, in flight, she found herself wondering what to do.

To perk up, she stopped in the rest room and splashed some cool water on her face.

” But Abraham saw that it was crucial for his son to marry a woman who would share his commitment to the Lord and His purpose concerning the land.

Seeking first God’s kingdom is the primary factor in finding the right marriage partner.

They were a rebellious bunch who were not inclined to endure the hardship necessary to fulfill God’s purpose.

They put comfort for themselves ahead of obedience to God’s will.

You can apply the principles to other areas of guidance.