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The One Who Is So Nice (or Seemingly So Feminist)When someone claims they are "nice," run in the opposite direction.Anyone who is truly nice won't need to announce it.

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From using online sites to being fixed up by friends to even hiring a professional matchmaker, Eddy has gone above and beyond to find what she’s looking for—to no avail.But you still find people who don't understand that communication and honesty is essential in these arrangements.A man I once dated emphasized that he wanted to keep things casual.“They feel like they don’t really need to put any work in,” says Catherine Clarkson*, a 58-year-old divorcée who’s lived in Naples since 2010.“They don’t call when they say they will, they don’t plan ahead when you actually do get a date, and they don’t seem to own a real shirt anymore.But you will spot them quicker once you've seen them before.

never be another man in my life,” says Paulette Fischer*, a 73-year-old Chicago transplant who now calls Sanibel home. I know I adore Southern men.” But her story isn’t an anomaly.

Never relaying to her that race could be a deal-breaker, he assumed she knew they wouldn't make it long-term. The Secret Traditionalist Publicly declaring that women can do anything, while you privately maintain they should stay home, raise children and clean the house? An ex-boyfriend of mine used to proudly boast of my professional exploits, saying I was on my way to conquering the world.

But when we talked marriage and kids, he insisted that I would take on a traditional role and put aside my ambitions for the sake of our future children. In my experience, these red flags don't magically disappear after your 30th birthday.

When I was hurt after it ended, he repeatedly told me that I wasn't "allowed" to feel hurt or speak poorly of him to my friends because he had always pointed out that everything he did was devoid of intense emotion.

It wasn't his fault that I read into these actions.3.

The One Who Is Obsessed With Their Ex There's nothing more irritating than constantly being compared to an ex. But role-playing in the bedroom is not meant to be one-sided. ) One of my boyfriends was under the impression that fantasies consisted of him telling what he wanted and me instantly complying.