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The best part of this series, obviously in my opinion, is that DJ doesn't just wallow in depression when hard things happen in her life. As one of four kids, I really appreciate reading books where family dynamics seem realistic--especially those between siblings.I'm trying to figure out what it is about this series that just makes me happy and I think it's just that the entire Schwenk family and their town are good, hardworking people.

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You see, this is what I love about this series in a nutshell: real. For me, the reason The Off Season was a stronger novel than Dairy Queen was all due to the characters. is one of the few characters I’ve found myself truly admiring. (Even though I haven’t seen anything official on there is a book cover with Dairy Queen III??? )The Off Season differs quite a bit from Dairy Queen.News correspondent is single, we wouldn’t be surprised if she and the college freshman took their friendship to the next level. Check out more of Season 4 below: Kim Zolciak Reveals More Bad News About Her Health (VIDEOS)Kim Zolciak Recalls Getting Welfare When Brielle Was Young Kim Zolciak Is Actually Thankful for Her Stroke!(VIDEO)Brielle Zolciak Plans to Do What After High School?They actually feel like actual people and it was delightful to see the continuation of t I love DJ Schwenk.I love that she is realistic, she isn't perfect, and a lot of the time, she has no idea what to say.That ending was like a specialized heart-warmer hugging my heart so tight to almost bursting.

The second book to the adorable Dairy Queen is still just as funny and endearing but also tougher and more emotional.

They actually feel like actual people and it was delightful to see the continuation of their story and the growth of each individual character.

Catherine Gilbert Murdock really threw me through a loop when she threw so much on DJ's table in this book. And that quality is contrary to a lot of YA literature out there in which the main character cannot get over their parent's divorce or moving to a new town or having no friends.

fella on her arm, and he’s someone reality TV viewers will be very familiar with!

NEWS: Kim Zolciak on Her Stroke: Brielle Thought I Was Doing a Jim Carrey Impression Kim Zolciak’s eldest Instagrammed a photo of herself and fellow reality star Chase Chrisley on November 9, captioning the sweet snap of the pair posing together, “I was mid smile mid laugh during this pic yes I look weird buuuuut I care bc I'm his biggest fan!!!!!!

Off Season is the perfect title for the story and you’ll soon figure that out once you start reading this book (of course right after reading the first one).