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Dating services for multiple sclerosis

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Hey, he was actually going to a symphony concert that evening with friends. ;-) It would be the next month while he was scratching my back that I noticed the numbness had spread over my shoulder blade to my spine.

On the date we were both shy but had a great time talking about many things, including our love of music.Taking the bus instead of walking allowed you to preserve energy that helped us pack and leave the ship without difficulty.Had we done that walk (1.5 to two miles I think), your energy level likely would have been hit pretty hard and you probably would have had a harder time with our end-of-cruise responsibilities.This was probably in the first month or so that we’d met. That said, I don’t know that I knew much about the disease itself other than that it was a nervous disorder and that a cure did not exist.I remember crying on your shoulder a lot during 20. How did you deal with all of the rapid changes which were taking place in our lives?** I believe you had mentioned your experience with optic neuritis that occurred some years before I met you, and the fact that that episode was a possible indicator of MS. In high school and college, I’d played the cello and thus remember learning about Jacqueline Du Pre, a well-known cellist who had MS.

I think this came up not long after you had a swimming accident. I recall participating in money-raising events for MS in elementary school as well.

We eventually decided to take a bus and I think you and I both agreed it was the right decision.

Considering that we had to pack our bags that night since we were disembarking the next morning, we definitely made a smart move.

Many folks diagnosed with MS have experienced loss.

Loss of relationships, loss of physical abilities, loss of jobs, loss of cognitive skills, loss of confidence, etc. As someone affected by MS through our relationship, what do you fear the most? I have faith that on-going scientific research will produce ever more helpful medications for MS and hopefully a cure some day.

**It can be a significant issue for folks living with MS to tell their friends or dates about their diagnosis.