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Dating a married women

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If you're feeling adventurous, this is an excellent way to meet a married woman.

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Try and make her feel like she had no control over the situation, like it was "fate" or "destiny" that caused the two of you to be together.If a woman seems happy in her marriage then there is nothing you can do to get her to cheat on her husband, so you may just be wasting your time by going after her. But no matter the reason, she's never planning to leave her husband, and she may string you along with "false hope" of a future relationship, even though she has no intention of following through with it. These confrontations at their worst will be violent, and at their best will be extremely uncomfortable.Just be prepared for this if you decide to move forward with meeting a married woman.If you're uncomfortable with the idea of pursuing a married woman, then you probably shouldn't do it. Sometimes its to get back at their husband for something he did to them.But if you're open to the idea, here's a few things you should consider... A happily married woman will never cheat on her husband. Sometimes she's unhappy in her marriage and she just wants some excitement. Just be aware that if at some point the woman's husband finds out about your affair, you will have to deal with him.Being fun and flirty will give you a good idea if they are open to further explore the idea of having an extra-marital affair.

If a married woman flirts back with you, there's a good change she's willing to step outside her marriage vows.

Many married women may be open to a quick fling or one night stand, but don't want the burden of carrying on a full blown affair for fear it might ruin their marriage.

If you do want to pursue a relationship with her, talk to her about it and work out a system that is comfortable for the both of you.

This is where many "desperate housewives" go to discreetly find a man to explore a little on-the-side romance with.

Some websites cater exclusively to married people looking to have a discreet affair. If you're looking to meet a married woman, that's a great place to find one.

Then, of course, you also have classified ad sites like Craig's List, where you can either post an ad looking for a married woman, or find married women who are posting looking for a man.