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Are bono and penelope cruz dating

Cruz says she asked him the other day for help in writing her Walk of Fame speech.(Almodóvar’s unused suggestion: “If people are going to walk over you, better to be walked over on the Walk of Fame.”)In Cruz, Almodóvar and other directors have found a glamorous actress with rare range, one who can charm us in one scene, rip our guts out in the next, and knock us over laughing moments later.

There is a transformation that can happen when actors win Oscars: Dipped in gold and put up on the mantel alongside the little gold statue, they are denied the human, quirky qualities that made them so appealing in the first place.(Opening lyrics: “Two trailer-park girls go round the outside/Round the outside/Round the outside.”) Karaoke is a non-negotiable part of the Penélope Cruz experience.“I’ve gone to karaoke bars in almost every city I have been to,” she says. Cruz is not.“I was this big next to him,” Cruz says, squishing an index finger to a thumb.Penelope Cruz is still hot enough to get U2 to play an entire concert ... you pay through the nose to see 4 old Irish dudes rock out, and instead you end up with Penelope's bunny-ears-sporting-ass in your face. JUST FOR HER -- at least that's what 24,000 people must have thought was happening in Barcelona. played to a packed arena there this week, and when they made the mistake of inviting Penelope and hubby Javier Bardem on stage -- chica snapped pic after pic after pic as the band played on. She is a woman who, growing up in Spain, saw a photo of a bedazzled Michael Jackson kneeling before his red-carpeted star and never imagined she would one day do the same.

“It sounded like science fiction,” she says, her famous inflection deliciously animating the term. “I would find cats in the street and take them with me.

Today her home—whether in Los Angeles, New York, or Madrid—is shared with her new husband, the acclaimed Spanish actor, fellow Oscar winner, and occasional on-screen lover Javier Bardem.

A couple of months ago, there was a tender new addition: a son, Leonardo, the couple’s first child. “I don’t think people realize the barriers Penélope’s broken,” says Rob Marshall, who directed Cruz in 2009’s in which she joins the misadventures of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.

After some laudatory words from Marshall, it’s time for Captain Sparrow, Johnny Depp.

He looks so eccentrically Depp, it’s as if he’s fresh from posing at Madame Tussaud’s: tattered brown fedora, violet aviator glasses, scarf, flannel shirt, and baggy carpenter’s jeans with two black pens tucked into the pocket of the right leg. “Well, she’s Ricky to my Lucy.”A double-decker Hollywood tour bus rattles by.

“She’s the otherworldly Scarlett to my clueless Rhett. “I came to Los Angeles for the first time in 1994,” Cruz begins. She has come a long way on this boulevard of dreams—the Lady with the Cats, now waving a sword at the Man with the Hat. She adores it the way a first-grader adores a golden-retriever puppy—in an unself-conscious, non-ironic way.