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Albie manzo dating football dancer

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The drama continues when Danielle accuses Jacqueline of not being her own woman, further alienating Jacqueline.

Danielle prepares by arranging for an ex-convict friend to accompany her as "back-up." Caroline is aghast when she hears Danielle will attend.The second season saw no regular cast changes made at the beginning of the series other than introducing recurring cast member, Kim Granatell.The season begins where the first ended- Danielle being on the outs with the other ladies and still trying to intercept the inner-circle.Meanwhile, a pregnant Teresa and a determined Danielle see their daughters model in Fashion Week, but mishaps unfold on the runway and both daughters’ fashion careers are in doubt.Teresa and Joe welcome their fourth bambina and Teresa asks Dina to be the baby's godmother.Danielle arrives at the Brownstone charity event with Kim G., and an entourage including a Hell's Angel.

As she was not invited to bring so many people, no table space is available and the event organizers (not the Manzos) ask that she and her entourage leave.

Dina asks to meet Danielle to discuss their relationship; Danielle fears an "ambush" and has her ex-con on hand. Steve explains that the tape is of Danielle alone, and that she herself dropped legal action to stop the sale.

Derek holds up well, but a fight between Jacqueline and Ashley interrupts the game.

When Lauren starts dating Albie's best friend Vito, it causes friction in the Manzo clan, but Caroline does her best to let her babies work it out themselves.

Danielle's daughter Christine gets featured on the cover of Daily, and she and Teresa's daughter Gia are invited to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Ashley considers moving home but is daunted by her stepfather Chris' anger at her fight with Jacqueline at the poker game, and by the rules he imposes if she wants to live at home again.