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As usual the BBC have to muddy the waters through political correctness that's what they do!

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Indeed, for those who’ve tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide a great alternative.


(Ethiopia has been Christian since the early 4th century, rivalling Armenia as the world’s oldest Christian nation.) In the 1620s, a Portuguese Jesuit convinced King Susenyos to convert to Catholicism, which soon became Ethiopia’s official religion.

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In the wizarding world, dogs are kept as pets or may sometimes serve as guardians of certain objects.

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The professor argues that is not a valid comparison — there is a major difference between accommodating someone who can’t physically meet class members versus someone who refuses to interact with women, he says. In our policy documents and (hopefully) in our classes we cling to the secular idea that all should be treated equally, independent of, for example, their religion or sex or race.“Treating Mr.